Jack Francis

Jack Francis

Assistant Coach

Get to Know Coach Francis

Where did you spend your playing days?

  • Columbia HS in Maplewood NJ
  • University of Maryland

What’s your coaching history?

I have been coaching youth, high school or college lax since I graduated from the University of Maryland in 1984. And in NJ and CT prior to 2003 when I moved to PV.

Tell us about your playing days…what were some of your favorite moments?

  • Winning the state championship at Columbia HS in Maplewood NJ is a memory that created a bond with my entire team that connected us and keeps us close to this day.
  • Being inducted into NJ Lacrosse Hall of Fame stands out as favorite moment. Considering the people and players that I share this honor with, it stands out as a memorable part of my history with this great game.
  • At the University of Maryland, my team was ACC Champion and NCAA Semi Finalists…both great moments.

You were a key part of the creation and growth of PV lacrosse. Tell us about the early days.

After moving here from the Northeast where lacrosse was a real ticket to college, I decided to spend most of my time building and growing the game here in North Florida… building youth and high school lax all around north Florida, not just PV, was critical to the growth of the game and would provide opportunities for young men similar what I experienced in HS and College.

What brought you back to the program?

I came back to PV because it’s really where my heart is and the community I know best… we also have formidable opponents around North Florida now and almost every team has college level talent.

What unique “thing” would your players say you bring to PV Lacrosse?

I think that I’m a stickler with the minor details of the game that are often ignored BUT if focused on will guarantee success. Also I’m part of a coaching staff who believes teaching Lax IQ is the most important thing we can do… especially for all these kids who may go on to play in college.

What’s your favorite lacrosse saying?

I think Coach Rambo might share this one. “BE THE BEST”

Be The Best is a tradition at University of Maryland lacrosse which started in the early 70’s I think… It’s what Terps break every huddle with, it’s what every Terp alum signs an email with… it’s bigger than FEAR THE TURTLE.