Player and Parent Information

What is Mulch Madness?

Annual fundraiser backed by tremendous community support.  Our customers come back year after year.

Funds raised used to supplement budget for equipment, training opportunities and travel.

  • We sell 3 cubic/ft  mulch & pine straw @$8 per unit
  • Free Delivery to Ponte Vedra Beach and Nocatee with min. 10-bag purchase
  • Online sales until mid-March

When is Mulch Madness?

Mulch Madness Weekend 2024:

  • Friday 3/22 – Pine Straw load and large delivery (as needed)
  • Saturday 3/23 – Deliveries all day – 3 routes per large truck
  • Sunday 3/24 – Deliveries – 2 routes per large truck

Where is Mulch Madness

Player's Parking Lot (new location from prior years)

5360 Palm Valley Rd

What does it Entail?

Mandatory for all players and families


  • TBD - D2D / Publix Sales
  • TBD - Seniors – Delivery Team Draft
  • 3/22 - 3/24 - Mulch Madness Weekend

Service hours will be earned for participation.


  • D2D / Publix Supervision
  • Mulch Madness Weekend - Volunteer: Drivers/Navigators, Truck Turnover Crew, Hospitality, The Yard, Small Delivery (Trucks Wanted)
  • Please help to spread the word!
  • Opportunity to Sponsor Your Business
  • Organizers Wanted for Future Seasons– Data Admin, Website, Logistics / Route Planning

What to Bring?

  • Masks and long sleeve shirts for Pine Straw handlers
  • Gloves
  • Rain gear
  • Folding Chairs


  • Tents
  • Banquet Tables
  • Coolers

Mulch Jobs

Large Truck Drivers

  • Pick-up truck at Penske Friday afternoon / Return truck to Penske Sunday afternoon
  • Full insurance coverage required including box of truck
  • Drive delivery routes


  • Friday
    • meet at Mulch HQ 
    • drivers transported to Penske to pick-up reserved truck.
    • drive truck to Mulch HQ and LEAVE KEYS IN TRUCK
  • Saturday – deliveries
  • Sunday – deliveries / return truck to Penske

No one is allowed to ride in the back of the trucks at any time!  Not even to go two houses down on a street.


  • Navigate the delivery route (bring phone/navigation device and charging cable)
  • Communication with Command Center
  • Confirm product quantity and product type before leaving
  • Ensure mulch is nicely placed without blocking driveways and walking paths
  • Leave Thank you letter
  • Return clipboard to Command Center and collect your next route

IMPORTANT: All routes will be organized in delivery order.  Verification is encouraged.

Chase Car Drivers

  • Transport players behind delivery truck
  • Ensure safety of players as they carry/cross street
  • Ensure properties are respectfully treated including avoiding grass, using sidewalks/driveways.
  • Ensure mulch is stacked nicely without blocking walkways, etc.
  • Provide music, snacks and drinks during deliveries

Players must ride in chase car at all times.  They are NEVER allowed in the back of the truck while it is moving.

Small Trucks

  • Parent teams deliver to areas where large trucks cannot maneuver, odd-lot quantities and to resolve issues for prior deliveries.

Personal trucks and SUVs used.

The Mulch YARD

  • Located in the area with mulch stacks
  • Operate forklifts/booms to load trucks for all deliveries based on route and product determination.
  • Stage pallets for loads
  • Load mulch for required quantity/product into delivery trucks
  • Stack empty pallets at back corner of lot for pick up


  • Friday
    • load for Friday delivery
    • load/stage 1st Saturday routes
  • Saturday – load/stage
  • Sunday –
    • load/stage
    • gas up fork-lifts
    • yard clean up

Pine Straw Team

  • Unload / Load pine straw for required quantity into delivery trucks
  • Bag broken bales
  • Clean out pine straw trailers

Long sleeves and masks recommended for handling pine straw

Truck Clean Out Crew

  • Remove trash and debris from delivery trucks when returned from delivery and PRIOR to the next load
  • Bag pine straw as needed


  • Organize food and drinks for all participants of the event

Command Center

  • Information and resolution center for Mulch Madness
  • Provide route instructions for every truck
  • Supplies managed at this location